AP Euro Study Guide – Need One Now?

Need an AP Euro Study Guide? Before you set off, what makes up a good review guide? I’ll explain the components of a helpful study guide and end by explaining the steps to finding one NOW! (see the bullet points)

A good AP Euro study guide should include literally everything you need to know for a quiz, test, or even the final AP Exam. This means you need a level of detail that is greater than that of a simple outline, which is good for summarizing the information but don’t give your truly deep knowledge. A review guide should address European history one topic at a time, explaining it’s significance in depth, while putting the information in the context of the events of the broader world.

Second, a European history guide should be simply written. The guides written by students are the best for this purpose, because they understand the difference between dry textbook and engaging explanation. We get enough sand and gravel reading ever night, so why continue the trend?:)

Finally, a full study package should ideally include a few different levels of detail. Notes and descriptions are the perfect middle ground resource, but outlines are better for quick review. On the flip side, full essays provide an unmatched level of detail that can truly prepare you to answer in-depth questions. This combo is the ideal that you’re aiming for.

How can you find an AP Euro Study Guide?

-Ask your friends at school for any resources that they have used.
-Talk to your teacher about the best ways to review in general. Bring up the topic of study guides and see what he/she has to say.
-Look around online! You’re sure to find a powerful guide if you go the distance!