What Does a Think Tank Member Do on a School Night?

Running a Think Tank can be fun stuff indeed. You just never know what might come up or what topics might pique your curiosity? Did you have a good evening last night? So did we at the Online Think Tank and the folks here came up with some interesting thoughts and rather hot topics too. Like what you ask? Well like these for instance:

  • Directional Acoustic Fire Fighting computer modeling equipment and robotic autonomous systems
  • Rocket Exhaust Cavity Morphing for Flame Geometry Modification to Increase Efficiency
  • Acoustic Modification of Post Exhaust Airflows or Water Flows for Directional Thrust
  • Hypersonic Speed Control Thru Exhaust Flow Acoustic Modification to Dodge Missile Threats
  • Cavitation Bubble Sound Dampening and Decoy Diversions
  • Acoustic Ionization of final phase sedimentation of lakes to prepare for farming regions
  • Rudder Deflection – Propulsion – Steering Mechanism

And of course that was only a warm up as the list of thinking items grew as the Think Tank’s minds warmed up and so here are some other concepts they considered:

  • Gobi Desert Dinosaurs were aquatic, since Gobi Desert was a sedimentary dry lake situation caused originally from an indentation of collapsed crust.
  • False Predictions of “US Dollar” collapse if OPEC starts trading in Euros.
  • Merging Large Nations like merging companies to prevent economic issues with one or both
  • Floating Interest from Central Banks on the inflows to a nation above a baseline, rather than money put into the system, which flows out but does not return immediately.
  • Bunker Buster strategies (18 units + pulse weapon) for underground Nuclear Facilities in Iran
  • Volcanic Activity in Chile and Equador and water quality issues in Bolivia due to seasonal air-flow changes coming
  • Solar Business sub-sector to increased demand by 140% by year end
  • Creation of sub-delta regions through canals to increase soil nutrients for farming
  • Social Political Disruptions (guerrilla tactics ‘unfit to lead’ syndrome’ similar to additional wave introductions with regards to amplitudes and pendulum shifts de-stabilizing National Direction.
  • Use of “Blog Scanning” to trigger lists of future assets for National Interests.
  • Psycho-Cybernetics by Maltz and his comments on “plastic surgery” and bio-feedback and self-esteem and relating to the notion of “believe to achieve”
  • Use of mirroring in email conversations to ratchet up a debate and provoke a reaction; to help mind map an individual and do a threat assessment.
  • Why a ‘flying motorcycle’ parasailing device would be less than adequate using off the shelf current technologies, but was able to prove concept based on other similar models, weights and worked through the problems if a prototype were to be built and potential applications as well.
  • Why Segway Scooters missed the mark in their marketing roll-out.
  • The potentials of a floating continental shelf collapse from man made re-distribution of surface water (8.2 lbs per gallon times Quadrillions of gallons of water). And ramifications of the sea water rising or Tsunami makes Global Warming Horror flicks rather mild.
  • Other miscellaneous thoughts and concepts.

Well to cap off the night I went home to think on all these things a bit and then I decided to watch three popular Hollywood movies on the Movie Channel and read an essay by Henry Kissinger and one volume of “Growing up With Science” how things are made 88 illustrated pages.

Also read 7 research papers ranging from volcanic activity in Chile, South America to William Morris Davis’s theories and papers on erosion. Met a gentleman at Starbucks in the Embroidery Business and a Jewish couple with a son who played sports and discussed world topics, high holidays and the fact that “Red Bull” is kosher.

So, all in all it was a light informational intake evening for me. Do you have any thoughts on any of these subjects or do you wish to propose a new topic for today? My question to you is; Are you ready to join a Think Tank now? When might you be up to speed? Let us know on that?

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